Jordan Hochenbaum

Jordan Natan Hochenbaum is an artist concerned with finding meaningful connections between music, art, and technology. Currently, his work involves designing novel interfaces for expressive user interaction and musical performance, multimodal sensor systems, and playing and composing in a wide range of musical genres, from electronic music to North Indian classical. As a musician, Jordan actively releases music under the Natan H moniker. As co-founder of FlipMu, Jordan has explored interactive works for large-scale multitouch surfaces, real-time data sonification and generative audio/visual systems, and musical interface design with open source aesthetics. Together with Owen Vallis and Jasmin Ruiz Blasco, Jordan has been working as The Noise Index, an art and research platform which explores questions emerging from increased access to information, and the consequences of information saturation. He has worked on large-scale multitouch installations and technology for Nokia Research Labs, and has consulted on audio analysis, machine learning, and musical interactivity for high profile video games and audio companies.
In March 2013, Jordan completed his PhD titled L’Arte di Interazione Musicale: New Musical Possibilities through Multimodal Techniques at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. In 2009, Jordan received his Bachelors of Fine Art from California Institute of the Arts, where he studied in a multidisciplinary program of music and technology. Most recently Jordan has been working in infrastructure operations at Twitter, while also on faculty at California Institute of the Arts where he teaches computer programming and creative coding for artists, computational and generative visualization, music production, courses on digital media, and live electronic music performance.
Jordan’s work has been featured online and in print, including Wired Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, Make Magazine, XLR8R Magazine, on Processing.org, and at international festivals and conferences including Google I/O, and NASA’s Yuri’s Night, NIME, ISMIR, and ICMC, to name a few.

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