Alberto de Campo

Alberto de Campo is a musician, composer, and Professor for Generative Art / Computational Art at the Institute for time based media at the Berlin University of the Arts. 
He studied classical composition with Andrej Dobrowolski, Georg Haas, and Beat Furrer, at Music University Graz; Jazz guitar with Adelhard Roidinger and Peter O’Mara at Brickner Concervatory Linz; and electronic music with Curtis Roads and Stephen Travis Pope at UC Santa Barbara. He explores the possibilities of programming as an artistic practice, which typically involves creating systems that exhibit interesting behavior, and that allow forms of interaction at a variety of levels. His current research activities include 3DMIN - “Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments”, a joint research project with the TU Berlin and Modality: a research project with Jeff Carey, Marije Baalman, Till Bovermann, Miguel Negrao.

My Artists Sessions

Wednesday, July 2

13:50 BST