Paul Destieu

Paul Destieu lives and works in Marseille, France.
His researches question tech­nology and its impact on our envi­ronment. His work exa­mines the situation of machines within our society noti­ceably fed by the history of media. He uses cali­bration, syn­chro­ni­zation pro­cesses or setup confi­gu­ra­tions as many means for art pro­duction. His art pro­duction focuses on the virtual and phy­sical ter­ri­tories of our contem­porary society in order to reveal affi­nities between structure and emp­tyness. Pro­cesses of des­truc­tions, high­ja­ckings or attacks are then used to shape and question the border between emer­gence and col­lapsing of a system through video, new media or ins­tal­lation works. Since several years his work has been exhi­bited in France and abroad.
He is co-​​founder of Otto-​​Prod /​ La Vitrine and cur­rently orga­nizes cultural exchanges and events between France and Slo­venia.

My Artists Sessions

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