christian faubel

Academy of Media Arts Cologne|Cologne||Germany
What is it that enables autonomous behavior? I find it fascinating that complex autonomous behavior may result from the interaction of very simple units and from the dynamics of interaction between such units. I explore the assembly of simple units into systems and the emergence of autonomous behavior both in artistic and in scientific research.

I studied mechanical engineering in Toulouse and Dresden from 1992 – 1999. After my studies I worked for a year at Sanyo Denki in Osaka Japan as part of the Vulcanus in Japan EU-Exchange Program. Through this internship I became interested in autonomous behavior and started my Phd studies in the robotics group at the Institut for Neurocomputing in Bochum. I finished my Phd in 2009 and continued to work as a post-doc till 2012.
Currently i am working as a researcher at lab3, laboratory for experimental computer science within the academy of media arts cologne.

My Authors Sessions

Wednesday, July 2

16:30 BST

Thursday, July 3

14:00 BST